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Reishi, the Mushroom Queen

The first time I got introduced to mushrooms beyond the culinary and mind-altering powers was when I first tried Chaga tea in Guatemala (it came all the way down from Sweden). The benefits of Chaga are for another post, but since that moment my interest in functional mushrooms began.

Such a wide range of benefits for human (and animal) bodies and spirits, they are used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, and actually that's where Reishi comes from - pure, tropical mountainous range in China.

I love working with them after all the foundational dietary and lifestyle clean-up and work has been done, as only then we are fully able to use the possibilities functional mushrooms offer us. In the same time, they are the lowest risk class of herbs, meaning it's hard to overdo them (with some exceptions).

Reishi is fantastic in rebuilding the Yin energy, a power I have been using to bounce back after pregnancy and birth, to support sleep, rejuvenation, hormonal imbalances, managing internal and external stress. In synergy with other mushrooms we can target more specific actions which are most important for us right now. Together with Coriolus (Turkey's Tail) they are most well known in oncological research and supporting cancer patients.

There are many ways to introduce functional mushrooms in a daily life, my favourite are dual extracts and teas (which taste more like coffee, maybe that's why I love it so much), but you can also use tinctures or add to rich medicinal broths.

Consistency is key when working with herbs, long term use is recommended here (around 3 months). And quality matters!!!

Would you be interested in learning more about these mycelial super heroes?

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