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A journey of change

Change doesn't happen overnight.

A true, lasting change, that elevates your everyday, that makes you feel 10/10 when you get up - that change takes time and effort. There is no way around that, no magic pill. We are all bio-individuals, with unique emotional paths, triggers, and cravings. There is no formula that will work on everyone the same, no superfood or perfect diet which will solve your problems.

Health is a constant journey, not a destination. It's a trip of getting to know yourself, what works for YOU, how YOU can best respond to YOUR needs.

Our bodies have an immense self healing power. The complexity of the actions happening inside us, keeping us alive and active - imagine millions of on-off switches managed simultaneously. It's a constantly changing balance, interpretation of the millions of signals we receive & responding to these information on so many levels.

Our bodies do an incredible act of service to us, giving us the chance to experience, feel, move, act. They do it so well, it's easy to take it for granted and overstretch this gift. Until it's too late, and the body gives up.

So it's up to our conscious actions to take care of it - it can be so simple as telling ourselves kind things in the mirror and eating whole, unprocessed food.

And although the bulk of this process is up to us, we don't have to do it alone!

There is such an abundance of heartfelt guidance, plant allies, therapies, rituals, group processes, that can assist us in changing the small steps we take during our day.

YOU choose what works for YOU.

Because you are worth THE BEST of it.

And I realised I can help you with that in so many ways. Over the course of years I have learned to help myself greatly through various means. And although I know there is an ocean of knowledge still waiting for me, I don't need to wait for accomplishment to help you to be your whole.

Welcome to my practice. I can assist you. Look deeply into your systems, and see where you can fine tune your existence. So you can be your whole, true, shining SELF.

Super Elevated Life Flow.

Sexy Energy Loving Fairy.

Strong Educated Legendary Force.

It's up to you.

Just imagine how good you can feel.

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