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Image by Masaaki Komori

True, lasting change

It's not just about eating healthy. Or just about doing yoga. In order to create a lasting change in your life, you have to believe it. Visualise your intentions for where you want to be. How you want to feel. What you want to do. Those intentions create a change on an atomic level, precisely in between the atoms - it is an energetic change. And the fastest way to live your dreams, is to be in balance and harmony with your body, yourself, and your mind, so the energy can flow freely.

I give you my time

Imagine a situation.

You have a health issue. Maybe it doesn't seem like a big thing. You can live with it. After all, you are just more tired than you would like to, or that scratch just takes a long time to heal, or you forgot about a coffee date with your friend. It can happen to anyone, right? But it goes on, strange situations happen, and one day you wake up thinking: that's not how I should be feeling. 


You go to the doctor - your first line of contact. They do a check up - you're fine! On paper. But you just don't feel fine. You go back. You do more tests, spend more money. You want answers, but you are not getting them. You want control over your condition, over your life, you want to feel home in your body. But the support just isn't there. You try many different things. After all, you are very motivated to finally feel better! 

Oh, how you wish you had someone totally on your side. A dedicated practitioner, who will give you their time, attention and knowledge necessary to find the answers, to reach your goals, to make you feel at home wherever you are - most importantly, in your own body. 

Let's have a chat. See if it clicks. I think it could be me.

Image by youssef naddam

Take control

I work with any kinds of issues, goals, desires. There is a lot you have control over in your everyday life, and I aim to empower you to take action, to educate you about your own body, to give you tools to improve the quality of your life.

I work with autoimmune and chronic conditions, pregnancy, mental health, weight gain or loss, unexplained symptoms, changing eating habits, having more energy, improving digestion, providing support and a listening ear - you name it.

Not sure this is for you?

Join a monthly Q&A session to get answers to your most pressing questions, meet the community, and inspire yourself to make a change.

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