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Hi, I'm Emilia van Wijngaarden

A functional, holistic nutritionist operating online globally and serving locally in Łódź, Poland. 


I help women find their way back home.

I believe only feeling home, we are able to fully live, and care for our children, family and loved ones.

Finding a way back into the body, especially after a mind & body revolution of giving birth or other life changing experiences, can be a rocky journey.

The body is communicating, but in a foreign language.
It sends messages along the way, but confusing.
There are signs, but they are unreadable.

I've been there - in 2021 my world has flipped upside down. My daughter Nella Luna was born. Having to cope with all the changes around me, there was no space to understand my changed body. Even though I knew a lot about health and self-care, I realised the knowledge itself is not enough. The challenge is in the implementation. 

I can help you learn the new language, and we can create a map.

A map that is clear to you, that has all the signs explained.
So that you know how to get home. So that you feel safe.

Your body, is your unique home.

We will look at your unique terrain, the fundaments, and make a solid groundwork before we paint the walls and hang pictures. So that your home will last through any storm. 

So that you can live your most fulfilling, vibrant, happy life.


My mission is to positively affect the development of the future generation, through education and support given to Mothers - the Superheroins of everyday life. It's because of my daughter that I widened my perspective and allowed myself to notice what is functional in today's upbringing environment, and what needs to be changed right away. What I absolutely cannot accept in today's world is the medical approach to treat a symptom, not look for a root cause. Instead of changing a diet, habits, and altering the environment in which the disease presents, there are one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead of educating parents and children about supportive habits and foods, there are unfocused, unruly children in process of developing chronic diseases and symptoms, and tired, struggling parents looking for help.  And above all, instead of change, there is the acceptance of this 'new normal'.  I believe, we can all contribute to this change with atomic habits we do everyday.


We work as partners. We are both responsible for the outcomes of the therapy. Good results take full commitment from both sides. In order to build the functional house of habits and health, a solid safe house which will last though any weather and storm, I use a variety of tools. These tools are adapted from the holistic approach of Functional Medicine. It involves a thorough initial assessment, diving into personal history, genetics and past experiences, and consistent progress evaluation with the use of many tracking tools. Instead of focusing on the problem, we go upstream, and look for the root causes. We alter the terrain, in which the symptoms exist. We look at it through many lenses, to make sure no aspect of health and wellbeing is left unchecked. The entire process includes possible changes in food habits, lifestyle practices, addition of supportive herbs, focus on the mind-body connection, conscious movement, and above all, education and understanding of your own body. I dedicate my time, my knowledge, and all my heart, to find a unique protocol and system working best for each individual. Today, I am the person I wish I had on my team when I first struggled with my own health issues and confusion un-homey feelings.

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It's through education, not fear, that we are able to take the healthiest decisions for ourselves and our families.

My story

I remember a young, slightly-on-the-chubby-side me, crying on my mother’s lap after being told again, that I need to do crunches every morning, otherwise I will be fat, and that will be bad. Like - really bad. I remember confusion, fear, and helplessness. What I wish for a younger me to realise is that simply doing crunches won’t matter for my physical body, if the external environment, (less than ideal diet at home) as well as the internal environment (emotions related to food and self-worth) are not in harmony in the same time. I wish little Emilia had an understanding, that any change of a current state is a multilayered process, which involves all aspects of a person’s life. Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I am beyond grateful for my parents, as they did what they thought and knew best. I am grateful as those experiences showed me a wider, yet more refined perspective on the matter of a symptom and its roots. A true, lasting change is a process, and one to view holistically. And in order for change to take place, we need to... change the existing conditions. 

Knowledge and experience

In my young years I have moved from the countryside to Amsterdam to study Tourism Management. I did a course of International Business in Berlin, and an intenship in Ghana, for a sustainable tour operator 'Jolinaiko Eco Tours'. During studies my passion for making food has emerged, and it led me to a successful career of a chef, in Amsterdam, France, and Poland. During a trip to Mexico and Guatemala, I found passion for natural healing. I became a Yoga Teacher under guidance of Scott Nanamura from Diamond Heart Yoga. A seed of interest for herbs and rituals has been planted. Upon return, I moved to Amsterdam to study Traditional Chinese medicine at Schenzhou. There I also completed a course of Western Medicine. The pandemic happened, the herbal seed in me grew, so I pursued my interests for herbalism at The Herbal Academy. I am now a Functional Nutriton and Lifestyle Consultant awared by the Functional Nutrition Alliance. I am also Nutritional Consultant for the Mamamoon platform - an online coaching platform for Moms and Moms-to-be, with its roots in Amsterdam.

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